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Tatted Display Pin -

Material List Tatting thread of your choice
My choices were DMC Threads:
size 80 tatting thread - the small white pin is 1 3/4"
perle cotton size 12 - the ecru pin with pink beads is 2"
perle cotton size 8 - the blue pin is 2 1/4"
perle cotton size 5 - the large white & green pins are 2 3/4"
pin back or small gold safety pin
6" - 7" of 1/4" ribbon for the pins made with 80 and 12
10" - 11" of 1/2" ribbon for the pins made with 8 and 5
white craft glue
You will also need a charm, bell, miniature ornament, bead, or even a dangly earring that has lost its mate.
spring clasps or jump rings for the charms and things
glass seed beads to slip on the picots

Some hints to read before you start tatting.

  1. Use the cover picture for ideas of what to display. Make the pin in green perle cotton so it will look like a wreath and display a bell or miniature ornament.
  2. If you want to add beads to the picots that join the rings but don't have a small crochet hook, here's how to attach the beads using a beading needle: Slip 1 bead on the threaded needle, put the needle through the picot, then up through the bead. Carefully slide the threaded needle out. Using a hook join the rings. The bead is not sewn on the picot, it is just slid on it.
  3. To make it easier to put a bead on the picot make the picots 1/4" long.
ch - chainp - picoths - half stitchds - double stitch
cl - closerw - reverse worksep - separate

Fill the shuttle but don't cut the ball thread.
1. single ring - 4 ds, 5 p sep by 4 ds, cl. Rw.
2.Ch 10, p, ch 10. Rw.
sr - 4ds, p, 4ds, join to the 5th p of the single ring, 4ds, p, 4ds, cl.
lr - 4ds, join to the last p of the sr, 3ds, join to the 4th p of the single ring, 3ds, 4 p sep by 3 ds, p, 4 ds, cl.
sr - 4 ds, join to the last picot of the lr, 4ds, p, 4ds, p, 4ds, cl. Rw.
4. Repeat step 2.
5.Single ring - 4 ds, join to the center p of the sr, 4 ds, join to the 4th p of the lr, 4ds, 3 p sep by 4 ds, cl. Rw.
6. Repeat step 2.
7. Repeat steps 3-6 for a total of 5 clovers and 6 single rings ending with step 6.
8. Clover
sr - 4ds, p, 4ds, join to the 5th p of the single ring, 4ds, p, 4ds, cl.
lr - 4ds, join to the last picot of the sr, 3ds, join to the 4th p of the single ring, 3ds, 3 p sep by 3ds, join to the 2nd p of the first single ring made, 3ds, p, 4ds, cl.
sr - 4ds join to the last p on the lr, 4ds join to the 1st p on the first single ring made, p, 4ds, cl. Rw.
9. Ch 10, p, ch 10.
Cut off the ball and shuttle threads leaving long enough tails to tie it to the bottom of the first ring.
Add a little glue to the knot. When it's dry cut off the ends.

Finishing the Pin
1. If you want to stiffen your tatting mix 1 teaspoon of glue with 2 tablespoons of warm water. Stir until mixed very well. Dip your finished tatting into the glue mixture. Blot dry and lay flat to finish air drying.
2. You will attach your charm to a center picot of the top single ring. It should be the last one you made. You can sew it on or attach it with a spring clasp so it will be removable. A spring clasp is the clasp you see on most necklaces. Jump rings can be used too.
3. Glue or sew the pin to the back of the tatting. Make a bow from the ribbon and glue or sew it to the front.

All done! I hope you'll enjoy making and wearing these pins. If you leave the pin back off them and add a string loop you'll have a great Christmas tree ornament.
Without the displayed item, you could tuck them in greeting cards. They do make great gifts!

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