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I have discontined many items. If you want something for tatting that you don't see on the site please contact me at: bjh150 at hotmail.com (replace at with @). You may also want to put "question for creative stitchery" in the subject line. If you don't hear from you try contacting me thru my ebay (creativestitches) or etsy (1creativestitches) ids.

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November 2020

Life has been very busy here. I have a new puppy and he's full of energy. I'm finding when he sleeps I need to do house type work and have very little time for designing, sewing, or stitching. My new snowman pincushion pattern is up at Etsy but it will be months before anything else gets finished I fear.

I really love doing embroidery so besides the freebies pats I've been putting up on my blog, I'm going to design some to sell. The first one is up at my etsy store. Here's a picture from the cover. It is listed on the patterns page here at my web site, too.
For the Birds and Bees embroidery pattern

My store at Patternmart is now closed. Not enough sells there to keep paying the monthly fee. I'll get the mini clothespin dolls up at etsy or ebay after I leave Patternmart. Those are the olny patterns I don't have at Etsy. I'll be removing all the patternmart links here at my site, at the blog, and other places. It's still a great place to go to buy patterns but it's just not working for me any more.

Started the 2020 stitch-a-long in January. The first few were only up for a month each but now that I'm doing ones based on VOTE, those are staying up for free. Go to my web site/blog to see them.

Because I'm so busy and have very little time to get on the computer I'm not listing any of my decor dolls. You can still buy my patterns at Etsy and Dollmaker's Journey.

Thought I should let you know I'm no longer using the yahoo email you'll find on some of my patterns. With all the hacking going on there I just decided to let it go. If you need to contact me the best way is to convo me at etsy (1creativestitches) or message me at ebay (creativestitches). You can email me at my hotmail account (bjh150) but there's a good chance it would be marked as junk. If you try the email address and don't hear from me try one of the other ways.

If you've been to my blog you know that's where my domain name now takes you. I know tripod is a pain with all the pop ups. I'm sorry but other than the free patterns and links there's not much else here.

I have a crochet pattern up at my Etsy store. Look for Crochet Lucky Penny Shamrock. This is a cute way to give a good luck charm to a friend. Use a penny with a date that's special to them. It's pretty easy to make but you do need to know how to crochet since I don't give those kind of directions. This pattern is only available as a PDF download because I wanted to keep the price low. With all the photos I would have to charge a lot more than 3.50. There's also a Flower Pattern that would be nice for brides. Put a lucky penny from the year the couple met and from the year they marry for double luck!

crochet clovers
crochet flowers

You can now buy Handy Hands version of my Tatting Old Fashioned Quilt Patterns called Tatted Quilt Squares at my Etsy store and at Handy Hands. It's glossy and has full colored photos and charts.
Handy Hands tatting book

I've been listing favorite things at Pinterest. Have you been there yet? It's a great place to get lost in.

To buy anything I sell you'll find links to the places I sell at. I no longer sell directly because it's so much easier to sell thru places like Etsy and Ebay where they have automated check-out. If you really don't want to buy at either place contact me and I'll try to fill your order.

I made a free pattern! It's a cloth basket that's perfect for tatting supplies, though I've also used mine to hold small crochet projects and I have one for small sewing projects. Look for the link on the free patterns page. Oh, this one is a PDF file so you'll need a reader like Adobe to open it.

If you ever get one of my patterns and it's missing pages please contact me. If you send an email and don't hear from me it may be that it has been caught with my spam filter. Please try to contact me by email, writing, or thru my ebay or etsy stores.

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